Split bolt manufacturer in South America

As the split bolt manufacturer in South America, our main product is bolts, nuts, high tensile bolts, panel board accessories, and much more. Split board connectors are quite handy in some specific use in the industry or end-user utility. Empire alloys are a reputed company that manufactures split bolt connectors and export them to South America as per the speculations of the customers. We are using high-quality raw materials for making split bolts, terminal blocks, split cable clamps, and many more with the aid of advanced technology in tandem according to the rules and regulations of the industry. Our advanced component technology and very high level of producing best quality products have gained worldwide recognition. 

As the split bolt manufactures in South America we have earned the best reputation among the customers for the quality, on-time delivery, and the customer’s satisfaction. Also we are working best in giving the power to our brands in doing the right thing. We always give first preference to the customer’s satisfaction. Split bolt connectors are mainly used for connecting the two ends of two sections of copper wire. It is good for bare grounding or bonding wires. 

Split Bolt electrical connector in South America

Australian Standard Split Bolts Connectors
Split Bolt Connectors European standard
Split Bolt Connector & Line Taps

Earlier, split bolt connectors were manufactured as screw machine products or as forgings. These screw machines were used widely and it is manufactures from the free cutting rod in a screw machine. Split bolt connectors offered by South America were available in different shapes, sizes and coating.

We manufacture all kind of electric and electronic connector’s components for various applications. This split bolt connectors were widely used throughout the electrical industry for the purpose of making electrical connections and this is used more in public utility Company for making service connections. Because it is available and purchased in large quantities, and also it very less expensive product which can be manufactured by conventional methods. On the other hand the demands of using electrical and mechanical properties were noticeable.

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