Split bolt connector in USA

Split bolt connectors are manufactured using high-quality raw materials meeting international standards and have unique features. We offer a variety of split bolt connectors such as copper split bolt connectors, aluminum split bolt connectors, dual-rated split bolt connectors, round-head split bolt connectors, and many more. The standard split bolt connectors available are high-quality products that are available based on the customer’s specific application in various industries and sectors. The high-range split bolt connectors in the USA are manufactured through a process that includes forming, heat treating, threading, tapping, welding, crimping, machining, automated inspection, and much more.

Split Bolt Connector Manufacturers in USA

Round Head Split Bolt Connector
Electrical Wire Connectors Manufacturer
Split Bolt Wire Connectors

For all the various types of split bolt connectors in the USA, special protective coating and finishing were applied. These special protective coatings and finishing are applied to protect them from corrosion, abrasion, and rusting. This can also used for getting the smooth surface, aesthetic appealing, durable and reliable performance. Generally for the purpose of coating and plating we apply chrome, zinc, nickel plated brass, galvanized iron, electrolytic tin, copper and much more based on the requirements.

Split bolt connectors are mainly used for connecting the two ends of two sections of copper wire. It is good for bare grounding or bonding wires.

Split Bolt Connectors provide maximum conductivity and a high degree of breakage resistance, as well as the ability to apply maximum torque to ensure reliability. The raw material of the split bolt is natural brass. It is rolled out to form split bolt connectors. Split bolt connectors offered by USA were available in different shapes, sizes and coating.

People always prefer the high-quality Copper Split Bolt Connectors, which are highly resistant and rust-free. A split bolt is handy, and it is used in various components such as industrial, electrical, and even electronic equipment. It is used mainly to firmly hold any tiny object in between the split for precision in this operation, no matter whether it is electrical or industrial.

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