Brass Split Bolt Connector in Caribbean

Brass Split Bolt Connector

We are using very high-quality brass with help of the advanced technology in tandem, as per the rules and standards of the industry. We have the advanced component technology and high level of performance that have gained world-wide recognition. Empire Alloys Pvt. Ltd manufactures and exporters brass split bolt connectors. It is a very handy component and is used in various types of equipment such as industrial, electrical, and electronic equipments. 

The multifaceted utility of the split bolt mainly depends upon the quality of the material used for manufacturing it and the precision adapted. Brass split bolt connector in Caribbean was widely used to hold tight any tiny object in between the split to have accuracy in its operation, no matter whether it’s electrical or industrial. Split bolt connectors were manufactured from high-strength copper alloy, which is very useful in holding precisely tooled treads. 

Middle East Standard Split Bolts Connectors-1
Europe Standard Split Bolts Connectors-2
Europe Standard Split Bolts Connectors

Brass Split Bolt Connector Manufacturer

Brass split bolt connector in Caribbean are composed of high-tensile brass as per BS 2874–CZ 112. This type of split bolt connector is supplied in high-conductivity copper. Brass split bolt connector in Caribbean is offered in different shapes, sizes, and coatings. Our company provides any range of split bolt connectors which is ranging from 10mm to 50mm and also up to the customers satisfaction.

Brass split connectors offer maximum conductivity and a high degree of breakage resistance, allow you to apply the maximum torque to get it tight enough, primarily ensure reliability, ensure a high pullout and a secure connection on all conductor combinations, and have a high resistance to corrosion and cracking. Mainly, split bolt connectors are manufactured by rolling out natural brass. They are usually coated with copper, finished with electro-tin, and nickel-plated. High-conductivity copper is mainly used for making split bolt connectors on demand. The main function of the split bolt connector is to tightly connect the electric and electronic objects.

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