Copper Line Tap Connectors in South Africa

Copper line tap connectors in South Africa is manufactured from high-tensile copper alloys which offers maximum conductivity and corrosion protection which increases its life expectancy. Our company manufactures the copper line tap with the assistance of professional experts, using pristine and specialized products. A Copper tap line fitting is made from materials such as copper, silver and brass. This product is made up of high quality copper material with silver threads and is strong and durable. Copper line tap tension pads were made from high-tensile bars to prevent plate frustration.

It is widely acknowledged for its quality, long-lasting durability, and exceptional performance. Because of its unique capability, this copper line tap connector is in high demand all over the world. This keeps the connectors well-secured and helps achieve maximum conductivity.

Copper line taps manufacturer in South Africa

Middle East Standard Split Bolts Connectors
Middle East Standard Split Bolts Connectors-1
American Standard Split Bolts Connectors-2

Copper line tap connectors in South Africa are mostly used to connect the two parallel bar conductors. This has close electrical connections, helping to prevent hot spots, overloads, and arcing. This type of line tap is available according to the customer’s needs and specifications for varied industrial applications. These line taps are manufactured from surface hardening, thread forming, turning, rolling, slotting, coating, tapping, finishing, automated inspection, and much more. Copper line taps are available with a special type of protective coating, resulting in dependable and long-lasting performance, an appealing  aesthetic, and long-term service. Generally, there are some coatings available in the plating range that include nickel-plated brass, zinc, chrome, galvanizing, electro-tin plating, and much more.

Copper line tap connectors have an accurate dimension. It has high strength and adjustment for variations of the conductors from each side. Line taps firmly holds cables and provides maximum conductivity. It is ideal as the conduction clamps. Copper line tap connectors offer us additional engineering and support. This provides us with high conductivity and electric transmission. Finally, this copper line tap connectors makes a safe, reliable and effective connection.

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