Round Head Split Bolt, Round Head Split Bolt exporters in Saudi Arabia

Round head split bolt connector were manufactured using a high copper material with a captive saddle, which applies a conveyed strain to transmitters. This is used frequently for linking drawn copper aerial compounds conductors and shielded copper conductors. The split head is very perfect for inserting astandard spanner. We vend a best quality split bolt connector with a round head which will be extremely strong and widely used in various different sectors.

These round head split bolt exporters in Saudi Arabia are designed on the basis to meet the requirement of various types of machinery industry. It provides the operating temperature of about -55°C to 100°C. This type of split bolt connectors was manufactured by following process they are forming, heat treating, threading, welding, crimping, machining, automated inspection and much more. Most importantly we add a special protective coating, and apply a finishing process for all the types of the split bolt connectors to get a smooth surface, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, aesthetic appeal, durable and reliable performance. Generally coating and plating are done using chrome, zinc, nickle plated brass, galvanized iron, electrolytic tin, copper and many more materials based on the requirements of the customers.

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UL Approved Split Bolts
Service Post Connectors Extra Stud Split Bolts Connectors-3

The special features of the round split bolt exporters in Saudi Arabia are corrosion and abrasion resistance, provides exponential, did not damage the conductor during fitting, provides maximum torque, perfectly hold the connections, and much more.

Empire Alloys Pvt Ltd was manufacturing the split bolt connectors based on CSA certified and UL listed. Our split bolt connector will be only suitable for standard spanner to get fit in. Our company is most trusted round head split bolt exporter in Saudi Arabia. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, providing a high-quality and standard range product since 1969. Our product is widely used in Automotive, transportation, electrical, electronics and much more.

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