Split Bolt Connectors with Extra Pressure Pad

Secure, reliable, and easy to use: Split bolt connectors for all your electrical connections.

Material Used :
BS 2874/Freely cut high quality brass rods

Sizes of Availability :
Split Bolt Connectors are available from 6 mm² up to 500 mm². Higher or lower sizes are possible with customer demand

Finishing of the Product :
We use natural brass in the basic component and depending on the utility of the product we copper coat, electro tin coat or even nickel plating of various thickness and various multi plating. We offer the product in high conductive copper rods for making the product

Split Bolt Connectors with Extra Pressure Pad

Split Bolt Connector Manufacturers in India

A split bolt connector is a type of electrical connector used to join two or more electrical conductors. It is made of a threaded bolt with a split along its length and a nut that can be tightened to secure the conductors in place. The split bolt connector is commonly used in electrical wiring for homes and businesses, as well as in industrial applications such as power distribution systems and motor control circuits. Split bolt connectors are preferred for their high conductivity and ability to handle high currents and voltage, making them ideal for applications that require a secure and reliable connection. They can also be easily installed and removed, making them a convenient choice for electrical installations and repairs.

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