Spilt Bolt Connector Exporter in East Africa

Split bolt connectors are used mainly to join the ends of two sections of the copper wire. It has a bolts and nuts which creates a strong connection. They are used to join the ends of the two sections of the copper wire. The bolt and nut provides the strong connections. This range split bolt connector exporter in East Africa is suitable for connecting and joining a wide range of standard earthing conductors – no specific tools is required this.

Various types of Split bolt connectors exporters in East Africa are copper split bolt, aluminum split bolt connector, dual rated split bolt, split bolt wire connectors, tinned split bolts, bronze split bolt, electrical split bolt, brass split bolt, threaded split bolt and many more.

The manufactured and exported split bolt connectors should be resistance to corrosion and abrasion. This should provide durable and reliable performance. This should not distort or damage the conductor while fitting. This range allows maximum torque for making sure about the reliability. This split bolt connectors meets and exceeds the need of UL/CSA standards. This type of connectors does not distort or damage the conductor during fitting process.

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CONDUIT FITTINGS, Extra Stud Split Bolts Connectors
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This type of split bolt connector are manufactured by the following process; heat treating, threading, tapping, welding, machining, crimping, automated inspiration and much more. The most important things is special coating and finishing is applied for all the type of split bolt connectors for getting smooth surface, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, aesthetic appealing and durable reliable performance. Generally for coating and plating we use chrome, zinc, galvanic iron, nickle plated brass, electrolytic tin and much more based on the requirements of the customer. 

Split bolt connectors evaluating the grounding applications and also the other types of applications of grounding clamps. This split bolt connectors have a wide applications in different types of machinery sectors. This range of connectors mainly used in connecting the ground wires.

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